Friday, May 05, 2006

What's Growin' On: 5/5/06

Volunteer Dill In The Newer Strawberry Bed

Realization Of The Day:
I can't remember the last time I had dill and cucumbers in the garden at the same time.

--Got the Dragon Langerie beans planted yesterday, along with some Oriole Orange Chard and Nero Di Toscana Cabbage as companions in the same bed. Only one tiny problem. I grabbed an older packet of beans because I used up the entire 2006 packet and still had space to plant--and they are an entirely different color! Ought to be interesting to see what comes up.

--Managed to tuck 10 "fill in" asparagus roots into the asparagus bed. Didn't do the greatest planting job, but figure it's better than nothing. Still yearning for a 1/4 acre asparagus plot.

--The lilacs that were coming never showed up due to death by a late frost. Bummer. Happens quite often here, though. I did catch a few tiny blooms on the bush down by the barn (where there used to be a house once), then I totally forgot about them. Hard to believe since lilacs are one of my favorite flowers. Oh wait. It's spring on the farm. Easy to believe I forgot about something!

--Garden and fields are loving all this rain we've had. I am loving having the wet weather creek meandering through the farm. Three cheers for rubber boots! I have no idea how I spent the first 26 years of my life without them. They are so liberating. Splish splash, splish splash! Yes, I played around in the water today (under the guise of clearing out some leaves and debris that were stuck in the middle of the stream)--and I had a wonderful time doing it.


  1. Susan,
    I really do enjoy reading this journal. It's a very pleasant, even reassuring, moment in each day.

  2. When life hands you baby dill and cucumbers,
    make tea sandwiches....
    assuming life has some smoked salmon and black bread laying around.

  3. Susan,

    I hold you FULLY responsible for another seed pack purchase this late in the game! There's absolutely no need for me to be buying anymore bean seeds since I have a half pound of Kentucky Wonder and quarter pound of Maxibels to plant once things warm up a bit here. So what am I blaming you for?

    We were at Wal-Mart yesterday - needed a cheap big pot to gift a Black Krim tomato plant to a friend who's moving (I think I'll surprise her and tuck in some summer squash seeds around the edges!) ;-) Walked past the seed display and, well, you know how that goes. "Oh, I know I'm all set and don't need anymore, but let's just see what they have here... I won't buy any. I'm JUST looking..."

    And then I saw Dragon Tongue beans. It just describes them as "yellow bush snap" - I'm not even a fan of yellow wax beans after finding they peter out sooner and the bugs seem more attracted to them the last few years. Somehow they ended up in my bundle of stuff when I was up at the register (I think I blacked out at the seed display?).

    So, yeah, thanks so much for planting that seed (no pun intended) of temptation to try something new you wrote about here... ;-)

    So you said you like to eat these raw? I'm assuming that's while they're still young and tender, because the picture on the package makes them look almost more like a shelling bean. I expect the shelled beans will make an interesting contrast to last years shelled Scarlet Runners.

    BTW - If you like a really slender and tender green bean, I HIGHLY recommend Maxibel - LOVE them!

    PS - It's great to have you back!


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