Monday, May 22, 2006

What's Growin' On: 5/22/06

Realization Of The Day:
It's a jungle in there. I liked it much better in April. (Click here.) It was so much more, um, accessible. And appetizing. I think this goes back to the tidiness thing. Or maybe I'm just afraid to go into the greenhouse now. Should get some nice seeds out of this mess, though.

From Garden To Table:
--Record breaking high temps last Friday. I'm eating all that gorgeous lettuce as fast as I can!
--More 'fake' scallions nabbed from the onions (and tossed into salads of course).

--About a dozen of the zucchini seeds have sprouted--either the black or golden. Yep, I forgot to mark or write down which was which. The way I'm looking at these obvious screw ups is like this: it took me an entire lifetime to become this disorganized. Perfection isn't going to happen in just two months of keeping this garden blog. At least I only planted two kinds--and remember what they both are! That's certainly progress.
--Dragon Langerie beans have sprouted and don't look familiar at all. Definitely think Pinetree sent me the wrong seeds (the fact that they were white instead of brown was the first tip off). Wonder what I planted? Hope not pole beans.
--Rest of an old packet of Dragon Langerie beans I put next to the suspicious looking ones did not sprout. Usually I have good luck with beans that are two or three years old. Not this year.
--Orange chard and Nero di Toscana cabbage in that same plot have sprouted and are looking good, despite the fact that I think something has been digging around in there. Most likely one of the cats, but you never know. Maybe the turtles are adding veggies to their all-strawberry diet.

Coming Up:
--"Arugula Pesto Takes Over The Kitchen" (Yes, for real this time. I'm about 2/3 done with the article.)


  1. I really excited about the upcoming pesto post but I'm kinda concerned about my arugula, radishes and lettuce. They are only tiny, tiny now but they are being munched on. Some have big chunks taken out of the leaves and others are shriveling and yellow. I saw a red spider mite in the bed and my neighbours say slugs are bad here, what am I to do?

  2. Ignore any typos, I have a baby on my lap.

  3. Farmgirl, I did exactly the same thing with my eggplant as you did with your zucchini. I planted Rosa Bianca and Ichiban...but things got shuffled around, and now I have exactly zero idea which plants are which. D'oh!

  4. Hi Angel,
    As I mentioned in an email to you (but I'll repeat it here in case anybody is having similar problems), you can use a shallow plate of beer to catch snails (and I assume slugs) overnight. Just set it out by your plants. You can buy special traps that are baited with beer, but supposedly the homemade version works just as well. I've also heard of laying down a wooden board near your plants and then in the morning you turn it over and it's covered with the offending slimies.

    Not sure what to do about the red spider mites. If I've had them, I didn't know what they were and didn't do anything to them. Sometimes with itty bitty pests you can just blast them with hot water. Or carefully wipe them off the leaves. Also oil sprays sometimes work to suffocate them.

    Anybody else have any ideas? Please feel free to add them.Thanks!

    P.S. Pretty good typing considering the baby on the lap. I have The Doodle Monster on mine who is giving Cary (sleeping at my feet) yet another Death Stare. : )

    Hi Jamie,
    Hopefully all of our plants will grow big and healthy and full of bounty and then we'll finally know what the heck is planted where!

    Hi Steven,
    Now that's a true gardener's attitude. : )


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