Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In the Greenhouse on the First Day of Spring: Garden Journal 3/20/12

Inside the greenhouse on the first day of spring - FarmgirlFare.com
Things are greening up in the greenhouse!

Realization of the Day:
As much as I love lemon balm, it's probably time to stop its greenhouse spread (it's the stuff taking over the whole front left side).

I'm never one to discourage plants that actually want to grow (and usually embrace anything described as invasive because there's a chance it might actually do well here), but it's starting to take up valuable real estate. You can read more about lemon balm in this post: Lemon Balm: Growing It, Drying It, Using It.

Happy first day of spring! I never used to show you the entire inside of my greenhouse because it's usually kind of a mess. Thankfully I'm over that now. In fact, a while back I started taking pictures of this same view of the greenhouse interior on a regular basis (messes and all), so I could show you what goes on in there throughout the year.

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