Friday, May 28, 2010

Kitchen Garden How To: The Best Way to Store Fresh Parsley (and Other Herbs like Basil)

Parsley Bouquet in Rooster Glass 1
In a Kitchen Counter Bouquet!

Realization of the Day:
I often take parsley for granted, but if there isn't any growing in the garden I really miss it. It's just so versatile—and tasty. I love it in this Confetti Egg Salad Recipe I recently wrote about on Farmgirl Fare.

Like so many things, the very best place to store your parsley is out in the garden, still attached to the plant. But it won't stay out there indefinitely, maintaining its ready-to-pick state until you're actually ready to pick it. (Why do I always forget this basic rule of growing things?)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do It Yourself Kitchen Garden Inspiration: Build an Amish Cold Frame

Realization of the Day:
In all my years of gardening, I've never used a cold frame—and I love cold frames.

Several Amish families moved to this area two years ago, and in my opinion we're all the luckier for it. The Amish neighbors I've met so far have all been very friendly, and they've already brought much to our rural community. There are three basket makers and a furniture maker. The rough cut siding on our new sheep barn came from the Amish sawmill down the road.

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