Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What's Growin' On: 5/17/06

Farm Boss Patchy Cat Takes A Break From Turtle Patrol
(At least I'm going to assume that's why he's next to the strawberry bed. Hey, I'm just happy he's not sleeping in the bed like the dog does.)

NOTE: I realize this photo is only partly here. I have no idea why. Just uploaded it two more times and the same thing happened. Taking this as a sign that I should be outdoors. Will try fixing it later. (Or maybe Patchy Cat--who gets around so much sometimes I swear there are three of him--simply refuses to be caught off duty.)

5-21-06 Update: This photo miraculously fixed itself today. But I'm going to leave the above note there, since I still think Patchy Cat had something to do with it (and just figured that by this time everyone had already seen the half published photo).

Realization Of The Day:
Every time I go to take a picture of a plant, a strong breeze blows in out of nowhere.

Things have been rather hectic around here, and I haven't been spending enough time with the garden or the garden blog. I've promised to write about several things and haven't yet (I know, I need to work on not promising things). But I think I just replied to all of the previously unanswered questions/comments, including the one about planting San Marzano tomatoes back on this post. So (since I tend to rattle on), there are now all kinds of interesting tidbits in several of the most recent comments sections.

And now to the garden. I'm heading out to put some very pathetic looking tomato, pepper, cucumber, and other miscellaneous seedlings into the ground. That should make them (and me) very happy. And I'll work on getting those promised posts up--which should make you very happy. Thanks for your patience. I hope your gardens are all growing well.


  1. I still haven't planted my seedlings, I spent the day mowing and pulling weeds..I really need a sheep or two.

  2. Hi Steven,
    Oh, you definitely need sheep to mow your lawn. But you can't have just one--they need another sheep pal. You know that sheep were originally used to graze The White House lawn, right? (Don't think they do that anymore, LOL.)

    I'm so envious of how 'behind' weather-wise you are. My tomato seedlings that haven't been planted are so sad looking. But that's what happens when they're in those tiny plugs for 2 months. Duh. Where oh where does the time go?

    Hey, I just remembered that has a special barnyard (or something like that) section where you can get rescue sheep! I'm not allowed to go there, but a pal was sending me links to the cutest lambs that needed good homes.

    I mean really, if I can have a sheep in my house, then surely you can have a couple out in the yard. : )

  3. I would love to have some sheep, but the township takes a dim view of livestock. What's really funny is that until 1983 my lot was (drum roll) a pasture for the house behind me. When the lot was split my lot was no longer grandfathered for livestock.

    I almost bought the place behind me, but the barn is in really bad shape and it has two houses on it and I don't want to deal with having tenants.

  4. I have the exact same problem with photographing flowers (especially in dim light conditions). Then if you wait too long, you get camera eye and can't tell if you are still focused or not. LOL.

  5. I love your Patchy cat! Every garden needs a cat patrol or two...I have two..however they are allowed out only while I am gardening.


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