Sunday, May 28, 2006

What's Growin' On: 5/28/06

Thinned Out Bull's Blood & Detroit Beet Seedlings

Realization Of The Day:
I should have waited to thin out the beets and purple kohlrabi until we'd eaten the giant cooler full of gourmet lettuce I harvested the other day (to beat the bitter heat). I mean, I'd waited this long already, I doubt a few more days would have hurt. Because you can't just toss this gorgeous stuff to the chickens.

Thinned Out Purple Kohlrabi Seedlings

Realization #2:
And I shouldn't have thinned them both out on the same day, either.

Realization #3:
Sometimes these realizations come just a little bit too late.

Realization #4:
It's always nice to have company in the garden so you can discuss all these realizations.


  1. Ahem. Hurtful, Farmgirl. Can't the chickenz?

    But who are we to complain? We're only chickenz after all.

  2. is that your baby sheep (or something that looks like a sheep). too cute. i live in the city, trying to garden, and am not able to have animals other than my husband.

  3. Hi Lindy (the chicken),
    Hurtful? Hurtful? You and Whitey are probably the best fed chickens on the planet. And by the way, you obviously forgot that I did share some of those luscious leaves with you--along with an entire bucket of gourmet salad greens (that were NOT bitter). Plus some strawberries!

    Ahem. Who's hurt now, chickadee?

    Hi Rachelle,
    LOLOL--the comment about your husband was too funny. Good for you for trying to garden in the city! I hope you'll report back about how things are going.

    Yes, that is my baby sheep. Click here to read her story. And click here if you like the story and want to read more about her adventures on the farm.


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