Thursday, May 18, 2006

What's Growin' On: 5/18/06

Rootbound & Seriously Unhappy Golden Roma Tomato Seedlings

Realization Of The Day:
It takes an awful lot to make me give up on a plant. Yep, I went ahead and put these in the ground yesterday. (Their looks improved dramatically once I buried them up to their necks in the dirt.)

Realization #2:
I have absolutely no idea what Golden Roma tomatoes look like or where these seeds even came from. All of the other tomato plant markers (you know, the ones I've been saving from my own harvests for years and don't need a note to tell me so) say where the seeds originated--except these. Will have to look into this.

Coming Up (but I'm not making any promises):
I Can't Live Without. . . Grass Clippings!
(I know, I know. . . and arugula pesto. Soon, I hope. I've been waylaid by a lamb.)

1 comment:

  1. My San Marzanos only have 2 sets or real leaves just yet so I don't feel bad about leaving them in the cold frame for another week, but those poor Romas..tsk tsk tsk. How do you manage anyway..all that land and critters?


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