Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What's Growin' On: 5/10/06

Volunteer Swiss Chard Seedlings In The Greenhouse

Perfect timing as the chard I have been enjoying for weeks (click here) is already heading for the sky (and making more seeds for the next crop!) Click here to see this same little space back in March.

Realization Of The Day:
The garden in my head is much, much bigger than the one outside my back door. I have no idea where I am going to put [insert about 14 different things here].

Yet another inch of rain last night. Wow.

Heading off the farm for a very long day out into The Real World. But I am determined not to impulse splurge purchase any more flowering plants when I should be buying food. The last four I bought look terrible. I'm sure I'll manage to find something for the garden (or the gardener), though.


  1. The piccies of your garden and your and on your other blog literally transport me. Thank you for being so dilligent in posting, I truly have begun looking forward to reading your blog every day...

  2. It's been raining a lot here as well. The creek behind our house is getting wider every day.

  3. Sooooo.... What'd you buy? C'mon, don't lie to us!! Seed packs? More veggies? Flowers?

  4. Hi Ruthee,
    Welcome to my farm and garden! So glad you're enjoying your e-visits. Thanks for taking the time to write. I hope to hear from you again.

    Hi Angel,
    Our wet weather creek has been running for a week now. It's really so pleasant--when it stays a manageable size, which is most of the time. Sometimes it will run for several weeks, and then it does get a tiny bit annoying having to put on rubber boots anytime you want to go down to the barn, but I'd love to have it running all year round. It gives such a peaceful feeling to the farm--and of course we could just build a little footbridge. A huge old dead tree actually fell right across the creek last year, and for a while Joe crossed on that--I just splashed through the water in my boots (afraid of heights, plus love the splashing). : )

    Hi Jeph,
    Oh, you would have been so proud of me (or envious, LOL). I showed incredible self-restraint. In fact, I didn't even let myself SEE a single seed packet during the entire day. At one point I busted myself looking at high dollar organic herb plants, but that only lasted a few seconds. Of course no gardener is perfect (and I don't get out much), so I treated myself to a tube of special Gardener's Hand Cream. It smells lovely, isn't all greasy feeling, and even has sunscreen in it. Plus it promises to heal my chapped and cracked gardener's hands (which I don't have, but now know I won't get!)

    I can't believe you thought I'd buy more seeds. And I can't believe you did! : )

  5. I had will power today.

    Was on my way to get the bi-annual eye exam/new glasses and was stopped at a red light. There on the corner of where I was getting ready to turn, out in the rainstorm, was a parking lot with a vendor set up, protecting herself from all the rain under her tent. And under that tent with her were dozens of hanging baskets and...TOMATO PLANTS!

    Do you know how tempted I was to go see if she had some new variety I just NEEDED to maybe try? Hello, I've got so many heirloom varieties, and there I was about to pull in and check out what she had for sale. You know if I'd stopped I would've bought something.

    Thank goodness for willpower! ;-)


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