Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What's Growin' On 7/25/06: Volunteer Basil Bonanza

The Volunteer Basil I Discovered Back In June Is Thriving

Realization Of The Day:
Apparently the blister beetles don't care for basil. (Thank goodness.)

Realization #2:
I really need to make some pesto. A lot of pesto. (Thank goodness.)


  1. Yum! I just made a bunch of pesto this weekend with my Swiss (purple) basil. But when I have more space in the freezer than time in my schedule, then I just freeze the basil leaves, and save pesto-making for the slower days of winter.

  2. Lovley, I wish Japanese beetles didn't find my basil this year but they did :-( apparently they love basil. They purple basil I bought is untouched, but it's not the same! I jsut discovered your web site, what a treat! have a lovely green day!

  3. I love to grow green basil but last year & again this year I have had volunteer purple basil come up. I never planted it. It is much milder than green basil. Can I use it the same way?

  4. Hi Joy,
    Hooray for volunteer basil! Purple basil is wonderful stuff. It makes amazing pesto and can be used just like green basil.

    You'll find my favorite purple basil pesto recipe, as well as lots of other ideas for using purple basil here:



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