Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What's Growin' On: 7/11/06

July 1st

July 11th

Realization Of The Day:
At least I know the Greek Oregano enjoyed its supertrim.

What--you thought what I am now officially calling The Arkansas Traveler Tomato Experiment was a one-time thing? Um, no, I have a slight history of getting carried away with the scissors. The good news is the potted lemon balm I cut back to nothing but about three leaves and a bunch of dead looking stems is sprouting all kinds of new growth, too.

The jury is still out on the tomatoes. I think I probably should have trimmed them a little earlier, like before all the fruit had set. Or later--as I mentioned previously--when frost warnings are upon us. (Trimming off all of the leaves at that point supposedly makes the tomatoes ripen much faster.) Right now the plants are still alive and putting on top growth and blossoms, but they certainly aren't rushing to redden all those green tomatoes. Not a single blusher in sight. This is definitely an interesting experiment, but I'm sure glad I stopped after two tomato plants.

Realization #2:
I may just leave that laundry out on the line all summer. Of course if I do, I will have to go dig out my woolly winter socks and wear them--starting tomorrow. Oh the sacrifices one makes for the garden!

We've had 3-1/2 inches of rain as of this afternoon, and it just started sprinkling again. I am thrilled. This is actually quite a bit less rain than many of the surrounding areas received, though, according to the scuttlebut weather reports I heard while out and about today--traversing the country highways in 4WD because it was raining so hard. I suppose I should have bought some new socks while I was out.

Realization #3:
All this rain has given me the perfect excuse to ignore all those beyond-ready-to-pick Straight 'N' Narrow beans for at least one more day. I was told years ago by a friend that "you don't mess with beans when they're wet," and since then I have taken that advice seriously, although I was never given a reason why. But sometimes one does not need the reason--only the rationalization.


  1. Farmgirl, you and I must shop at the same Mexican pottery places! I have that same sun pot, except mine is planted with scabiosa snd trailing verbena which do not like haircuts. You can see a photo here ... http://static.flickr.com/45/174588377_4aafc97c86.jpg
    Thanks for the great post this morning!

  2. My pruning experiment looks like it never happened, but I did get a lot of flowers on the San Marzanos that I didn't have before.

  3. Howdy! My dear departed granny told me to never pick beans when they are wet because the beans get rust.
    I love your mexican pottery too!

  4. I just picked some peas out of my garden and ate them straight out of the pod. They were soooo worth it.


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