Friday, July 21, 2006

What's Growin' On: 7/21/06

Beautiful Bumblebee Hard At Work

Realization Of The Day:
All of my current obsessions begin with 'b.'

And right now I'd rather stare at this photo (in amazement) than at the storm-/insect-/lamb-ravaged space I call my garden (in disgusted bewilderment). (Yes, Cary has finally nibbled out her welcome among the raised beds. I'll spare you the photo of the entire two rows of bitten down bean plants I discovered this afternoon. Yeah, yeah, I know what some of you have been thinking all along (not you of course Yellow Dog): "She let a grazing animal into her garden--what the hell was she expecting?" My only defense is that I was blinded by motherhood. Is that a reasonable/usable defense? Well, now it is. The Privileged Animal is definitely losing her privileges.

But back to the bees. Everyone knows that bees are invaluable pollinators in the fields and gardens. But did you know they do other helpful things for us as well? Click here to read what my fellow shepherd girl pal (and wonderful artist) Katherine Dunn has learned from the bees in her lavender fields at Apifera Farm. ('Apifera,' by the way, is a Latin word for 'bee bearing.')

Love lavender? The Apifera Farm lavender bundles are ready!


  1. I would think she would like a little corn bread with her beans.

  2. Susan had a little lamb...

    I can't remember the rest, but it end with the lamb moving in with Dan.


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