Friday, July 14, 2006

What's Growin' On: 7/15/06

Saved For A Rainy Day?

Realization Of The Day:
I am now officially afraid to take down the load of clean laundry that has been hanging out on the clothesline for 8 days. Last week's rain helped tremendously, and at this time of year, it is quite possible that we won't see any more thunderstorms for another month. That would be very bad. Because of the poor nature of the soil in this area, after a mere two weeks of hot weather and no rain, all of the plants, grasses, and even trees are considered to be stressed and in a "drought condition." It is sunny and hot today, and that laundry may actually finally dry out, but I am really thinking I should simply leave it out there a little longer.

On the other hand, I am also officially out of normal socks. This means I may have to break down and finally wear the pair in this photo. Don't get me wrong--it isn't that I don't like them. I think they're cute (plus they were a gift from my mother). But once I wear any item of clothing whatsoever around the farm, it is guaranteed that within a couple of hours (at most) it will no longer be fit to be worn out in public. So on the one hand, I hate the idea of destroying these perfectly adorable little socks that I have been "saving." On the other hand, if I haven't worn them off the farm by now, it may just be time to go ahead and trash them.

While people in town are (for the most part) perfectly nice to me, I'm pretty sure I have a reputation with the locals as being a bit of a crazy Californian recluse (as well as a very good shot). I don't leave the farm much, and showing up at the post office with a lamb on a leash when I do come out doesn't exactly help matters (though the gal at the post office absolutely adores Cary). There are quite a few odd ducks tucked into the backwoods, and tolerance for those of us who don't exactly fit in is high. But I think these socks just might put me over the line.

Perhaps the best solution would be to take down the laundry piece by piece as needed, immediately replacing them with newly washed things. This morning I realized I'm down to only one of the white cotton tee-shirts I live in all summer, and last night I actually had to use a paper napkin instead of a cloth one. We're just about out of clean towels, too. This is definitely getting serious. But, of course, so is a month without rain in the middle of summer. Oh, the dilemma. Oh, the ridiculous amount of thought I have put into this. Oh no wonder I have a reputation as a crazy person!


  1. I say wear them to town everytime you pick your mail up with Cary on her leash. They can be your mail pick-up socks. Wear them with sandals so everyone can see them! LOL. OK, that is what I would do, but I like giving people something stupid to gossip about. Keeps them distracted. :)

    Yes, I believe you should do another load of laundry and exchange pieces with the dry stuff. Your laundry trick worked here -- we got some unscheduled drizzle, which was at least better than baking sunshine. I wish you and your crops some much needed rain!

  2. Love your blog-you give me many ideas! I am looking for a pet for my horse- would you suggest a lamb for a companion? Do they do well with out there own type such as in Carry's case?

    I also agree with Jade- wear the socks and give the towns folk something to gossip about- you know they will talk anyhow! And
    I am sure your mom would love it too!

  3. I say let the goat wear the socks to get the mail - you'll be certain to be visitor-free for at least the summer season. (Okay, the socks are actually way too cute even for Cary...)

  4. How will I get rain? My neighborhood association has a covenant... and in it... believe it or not... no "tidy whitey's hanging on a line outside"... in other words, I have to use a dryer for my clothes... inside. So far, we've gotten rain when we need it, so maybe I will be okay this year!

  5. I still have by stuff of the line and it is still raining - only on and off - but still!!

    I say - don't mess with the science of it all!! Leave it be!


  6. I say wear the socks! I used to save stuff but finally realized each day is a gift and we may not be here tomorrow. So I say wear everything and use everything including those fancy dishes, linens, candles etc!

  7. As long as you don't try to get Cary registered as a helper animal, everything is cool.

    I would pay to see that argument on an airplane or a bus though.

  8. You took Cary to the Post Office? That is so funny! I would have loved being a fly on the wall that day. If they think you are nuts about taking a lamb into the Post Office, the socks will not even be noticed! I would stare at the lamb on a leash, not your cute socks! Be dangerous, WEAR them. You are just too funny!

  9. Here's an alternative to leaving the laundry on the line for getting the rain to fall: try washing your car.

    Especially if you live on a gravel road, in my experience washing the car will cause it to rain within a day or two.


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