Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What's Growin' On: 6/28/06


Munch Munch.

Munch Munch Munch.

Realization Of The Day:
I don't think Cary is going to starve anytime soon.

Yes, these photos were taken in my garden. Yes, I grew all of those gorgeous weeds in that raised bed she is standing in (that you can barely see for the weeds) myself. Yes, this is one of those times I desperately try to adopt the attitude of that famous gardener who grows gourmet produce for Chez Panisse (and whose name I still cannot recall—anyone?) which is to just let nature take over your garden, even if that means you can barely see the food when you stroll through it.

From Garden To Table:
Yellow, red, and white onions diced, sliced, and chopped into everything.

From Garden To Mouth:
The first few ripe raspberries!

Busted Bunny Trying To Blend

From Garden To Voracious Trespassers:
Too much of my bounty! Why won't they eat the weeds?

From Garden To Cary:
Whatever she wants.


  1. I'm gald to see that Cary has the sense to eat asparagus over the more common weeds.

  2. You give me such JOY! My garden looks SO similar - except no sheep. Somehow (procrastination?) I managed to allow grassy weeds to totally overtake the carefully plotted and planted produce - producing mostly plants and rarely a radish! Thank you for the encouragement - when one gardens - we have to remember "always next time - we'll weed and mulch and never forget what was planted where - next time!" Cary looks splendid - amazing what a Mother's love can do -- especially an adoptive mom!

  3. The weeds are creeping into my dirt patch as well. The rain isn't helping things either.

  4. Well, if I didn't know better, I'd think those were Shetland sheep - love your blog! From one farm girl to another - Tina T-P

  5. Okay, do I get a cookie if I tell you that's chef's's Alice Waters. I should know this right??? LOL!

  6. How'd you get that rabbit to sit still with you so close to take it's pic!?

    Carey's really growing! (Must be all those weeds you're feeding her! ;-)

  7. I also need to say that if you keep posting these cute lamb pictures I'm going to start feeling guilty when I eat them.

  8. I love reading your blog, farmgirl. Yours is the first blog I read every morning. I can't get enough of Cary

  9. Hi Yellow Dog,
    Always so nice to hear from you. I think you must have some kind of Cary alarm on your computer that alerts you as soon as I put up another photo of her, LOL.

    Oh Cary eats weeds, too. That's why she's still allowed in the garden! : )

    Hi Linda Sue,
    Well, there's nothing better than bringing joy to someone just by showing pictures of the scariest part of my garden on the internet. : )

    Hi Steven,
    Rain? You have rain? SEND ME SOME PLEASE.

    Hi Tina T-P,
    Greetings fellow farmgirl! My sheep are mostly Suffolk with some Hampshire and Border Leicester (and a few other breeds from way back) mixed in.

    Hi Vickie,
    Um, no, you don't get a cookie. Of course I know Alice Waters' name (she's one of the people I admire most in the world)--what I'm looking for is the name of the man who grows specialty organic produce for Chez Panisse and has a garden that is chock full of weeds. I want to say he lives in Sonoma County, CA. I had a whole article about him but think I sent it to someone who was distressed over their weed-filled garden.

    Hi Jeph,
    I weighed Cary just yesterday--she's a whopping 26 pounds. Not so easy to scoop up and tote around anymore, LOL (which explains the harness).

    As far as the rabbit sitting still--geez, I could have probably taken 40 pictures of it before it ran away. Read this post (scroll down toward the bottom) to find out why. : )

    Hi Steven,
    There are all kinds of snappy remarks I could make in response to your comment, but I'm sure that every single one of them would offend or not sit well with at least one person. So I will just say this: I do eat my own lambs (when they are 120 to 140 pounds). It did take a little getting used to because yes, they are very cute animals and when you work with them every day you can't help but get to know them (especially if you are a total animal lover like I am). But if I'm going to eat meat, then I want to eat meat that I know came from animals that were healthy, treated well, and lived happy, stress-free lives.

    P.S. And not to worry--Cary will never end up on anybody's plate!

  10. Hi Idlehouse,
    Oops, your comment slipped in while I was typing mine. Thanks for the kind words--so glad you're enjoying your e-visits here (and Cary)!

  11. Bravo for you! As for offending people, well you can't please everyone and when you try you end up with something dull.

    I think what you do is great and I agree about animals that are well. If worse came to worse I've figured out how to prepare the Jack Russell Terrier. She'll have to be braised as she's all muscle. :-P

  12. what I meant was "animals that are well taken care of." sheesh

  13. So no more pics of Carey curled up between your feet while you blog, hunh? ;-)

  14. his name is Frank Morton, the wild garden guy. I was going nuts too, because I just read about him last month, and his name was on the tip of my tongue.

  15. Hi Jeph,
    Oh Cary still lays down by my feet while I'm on the computer (my tiny office is the only room in the house with air conditioning and The Privileged Animal is well aware of that, LOL). Just yesterday I was looking at her totally sprawled out and thinking SHE IS A LOT BIGGER. I meant to keep taking pictures of her down there as she grew but skipped a few weeks there. She also has a new favorite spot--on the daybed in the living room. Yes, there's a sheep (right now as a matter of fact) on the sofa. Don't worry--The Shack (what we lovingly call our ancient house that is literally falling down around us) is the kind of place where that's okay. : )

    Hi Idlehouse,
    LOL, this is a different guy! Same idea, but I am almost positive the guy I'm thinking of lives in Sonoma County--he's definitely within driving distance of Chez Panisse because in the article Panisse employees were driving up to pick up the day's bounty. I don't think he was married either. So we're back to square one. : )

    But in the meantime, the article you sent is super. Thanks!


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