Monday, June 19, 2006

What's Growin' On: 6/19/06

Cary Lunching In The Greenhouse

Realization Of The Day:
The best tasting part of arugula is apparently the flowers. Who knew?

Coming Up
Lots and lots to share, including another gardening tool (along with something else) I absolutely "Can't Live Without," three quick and easy recipes that make delicious use of what's ready to harvest now, what I've been up to in the garden, my Gardening On The Cheap tomato cages, a few new garden stuff discoveries, and more (including that promised article on using grass clippings as mulch). When? Soon! (I hope.)


  1. In his newest book, Fields of Plenty, Michael Abelman shares a recipe for raviolis (I think) stuffed with arugula blossoms and ricotta cheese.
    I only have two arugula plants, so not enough blossoms to make even one ravioli out of... but I'd sure love to try it!
    I'll email the recipe to you, if you're interested and you don't have the book.

  2. Cary is a fine diner, like her mama.

  3. Cary just gets cuter each day!

  4. Cary know just which foods to taste in her plentiful salad garden. She really has the run of the place and who is going to stop her. What a darling!

  5. I love this picture of Cary! So adorable!

  6. My arugula has been flowering too. Will it seed and grow more pre-flower plants for eating this season? Are they prime for eating when they are smaller, before flowering or does it matter much? I sampled but didn't really use much because it went to flower quickly (partly from sitting in the cold frame too long).

  7. This photo rembers me at my childhood. We also have had goats, small one.


  8. send Cary on over, I have tons of arugula flowers for her.

  9. Sweet peanuts is she cute! And quite the gourmet diner, as well.

    Love seeing all the photos of the mama/wee one relationship growing.

  10. Hi All,
    Apologies for taking so long to reply to your comments.

    Hi Jenna,
    Wow, I basically meant the arugula blossom comment as a joke--but the joke is on me. I had no idea they were a gourmet delicacy. Yes, I would love the recipe. Thanks!

    Hi Lindy,
    Now if I could only get her to help wash the dishes. : )

    Hi Suzanne,
    Thanks! I kinda wish she would have stayed 8 pounds forever, though. : )

    Hi Yellow Dog,
    Cary knows that a balanced diet it best. : )

    Hi Felice,
    Yep, Cary definitely has the run of the place. As Joe put it, she is a "Privileged Animal," and all of the other animals know it! She really is a character.

    Hi Shari,
    Thank you!

    Hi P's Gardener,
    If you're putting arugula in salads or making pesto with it, etc. you want to use the small, young leaves. The more they mature, the stronger the flavor--and it can get very, very strong depending on what variety you're growing. I've never even tried eating the leaves once the plants have started to flower.

    Arugula will self seed. Click here to see and read about this volunteer arugula bed in the photo before it started flowering--and learn how you can go from seed to salad bowl in under a month.

    I've decided to turn this section of the greenhouse raised bed into a permanent arugula plot. But because arugula does not like warm weather (which will send it bolting and make the leaves taste stronger), I am not going to water this patch until late summer, so that it will hopefully sprout up for a nice fall crop. Then I might even be able to get another one over the winter, as arugula will tolerate pretty low temps.

    Hi Sigrun,
    Oh, I bet goats love arugula--they seem to eat anything!

    Hi Steven,
    So what do you want me to do--put Cary on a train out there? : )

    Hi Finnyknits,
    LOL, I love the phrase "sweet peanuts!" Yes, she is definitely a gourmet. Absolutely loves asparagus ferns. But at least she eats weeds, too. : )


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