Thursday, June 15, 2006

What's Growin' On: 6/15/06

Wild Gooseberries At The Edge Of The Hayfield

Ripening Gooseberries

Realization Of The Day:
Gooseberries are gorgeous. But I still haven't acquired a taste for them. (Or found a recipe that doesn't call for burying them in a pile of sugar.)

We are obviously in the midst of berry season on the farm. I have a few late strawberries in the garden, wild black rasberries, wild gooseberries, and mulberries in the hayfield. In a few short weeks hopefully the patches of wild blackberries scattered about the farm will be brimming with deep, dark fruit. And yesterday I picked up the five gallons (!) of organic blueberries I pre-ordered last January from a local small grower.

So what did I have for breakfast this morning? A slice of homemade apple pie of course.


  1. Oh YES! Thank you for telling me what these are - I've just discovered some growing in the fields where I live (I'm new to PA), and I assumed that they were some type of grape. If I find any recipes not calling for a mountain of sugar, I'll drop you a line.

    Happy berrying,

  2. Hello, i just discover your blog,
    i wish to know gardening like this. I wish you can get the picture of the whole vegetable garden.
    We are starting herb plant collection...thanks for sharing your garden

  3. Another awesome blog! Thanks for sharing your garden - I'm JUST starting to learn about gardening myself! Luckily for me my fiance has been a farmer all his life and knows a thing or two about gardens. But my goal is to learn how to garden MYSELF hehe!! I figured out how to put up pics on my forum and I hope to also share gardening pics once I get going. I am saving up for a greenhoose since not many things can grow ootside in Orkney!!
    I deffinately enjoy your blogs. Very nice!! Have a great day!


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