Saturday, October 17, 2009

Garden Journal 10/17/09: Widespread Frost Warning

And This Isn't Even the Half of It

Realization of the Day:
Looks like it's time to make some of my Super Simple, No Sugar, Salsa-Like Green Tomato Relish!

So what do you like to do with green tomatoes?

© Copyright 2009, the fluffing up for winter and enjoying the warmth of wood heat foodie farm blog where our 'official' frost date is October 15th, so while tonight's prediction of 30° (and as much as 10° colder down here in our little valley if the skies are clear) isn't a big surprise, the first frost forecast always causes a bit of a stir—especially out in the garden.


  1. I've just saved your recipe for Green tomato relish, ready for next year. This year I didn't have many green ones, and only made about three small jars of green tomato chutney.

  2. Wow! That is gorgeous photo! Those colors!

    In my tomato growing days, I made fried green tomatoes at least once and relish, too.

    I wrapped green tomatoes in paper and put them in a dark place in the basement in a paper grocery bag.

    Every year I was able to bring some out for Thanksgiving as my annual ritual, sliced with drizzled olive oil and a sprinkling of herbs. I was talking about this just yesterday...I used to get a big kick out of garden tomatoes on a snowy and/or cold holiday.

  3. Fried Green Tomatoes!!! Yummy.

  4. That looks exactly what I had to work with this morning...I had almost equal amounts of green tomatoes and green peppers with some sweet bananas and hungarian wax too (we cleaned out the garden of what was left). I added 3lbs of onions and a whole head of garlic...grinding it all up and simmering it together. I added pickling spice, celery seed, dill (from my herb garden) red pepper flakes, tumeric, salt, sugar and apple cider vinegar. It looks fantastic and as of about an hour ago all my jars have sealed with that lovely "ping" sound! I feel so good using every last bit of what our garden gave us this year.
    I love your blog and tune in often. Your my respite in the day!
    Thank you : )

  5. We had our first freeze last night, so I wound up spending my birthday harvesting the last of the veggies and herbs!

    happy cooking!

  6. I made your relish a couple of weeks ago, a lesson in both relish making and canning. Lucky for me 2 jars did not seal. One for us, one for my mom and dad.
    Absolutly wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Mostly I just let them ripen, though green tomato mincemeat is surprisingly delicious.

  8. Green Tomato Pie!

    The easiest "apple pie" you will ever make.

  9. Oh I'm so envious....really neglected my garden this year. But still have wild strawberries...

  10. My kitchen looks like this, but fewer tomatoes. The windowsill is covered with tomatoes of all sizes ripening "off the vine."

  11. Fried, of course, with a drizzle of vinegar :)

    I blogged about this a little while back, starting to wind down the season and use those green tomatoes up in order to allow the last few on the vine to ripen before it got too cold. But I still have plants putting out stunted new tomatoes, even this late -- I don't envy you the early frost. Looks like you had a gorgeous harvest this year, though :)

  12. The smaller green tomatoes we've pickled whole. Even smallish romas are soo good pickled. Everyone that we have shared these with has become and instant fan!

  13. Love everything about your farmgirl blog.....wish i could see a photo of you on's fun living vicariously through you...I feel like I know you from all the readings, but no face(that I can find)
    to go with the person i feel like i already know...:)


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