Monday, August 07, 2006

What's Growin' On: 8/7/06

Garden Mint Before

And After I Got My Hands On It

Realization Of The Day:
Somebody may have to take my scissors away from me.

But I've been getting so much done with them. First there was the Greek Oregano. Then the Arkansas Traveler tomato plants. And look at this:

Freshly Trimmed Lemon Balm on July 1st

I Mean Really, Could It Look Any Happier Now?
here to read my previous post about lemon balm.)

I think the mint is very happy. In fact, it'll probably take off and be at least that height again before winter. It's mint!

Okay, so after I finished chopping down the mint, I saw some chunks of fur that were all tangled up with burrs on Lucky Buddy Bear so I cut them off. (It'll grow back. And he only looks scary from a few very specific angles.) Then I found a couple of those big, nasty burrs stuck way into the wool on Cary's side and took care of them. (Hey, sheep have a different kind of skin than we do--technically it wasn't even bleeding.)

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm sure there's something around here that desperately needs to be cut off.


  1. Back to your garlic harvest. Mine leaves a lot to be desired this year also. (East Central KS) I have some that did not develop the protective "papery" layers. If I take off what little there is and separate the cloves, what's the best way to store it? Any ideas? I've learned a lot from your blog and I thank you for that and for what I continue to learn.

  2. You are NOT coming near my hair!!! ROFL!!! Honestly though, all your scissor work has had quite good results.... hmm....

  3. With all of your experience if you ever need 'another' side line you could always have a farmette beauty shoppe.....Donks, dogs, cats, and sheep!

  4. I have been making your blueberry breakfast bars all summer and we are all enjoying them tremendously. My grandson asked this weekend if I will always have them available. Enjoy your sites.

  5. I really like the mint in the tree stump.

  6. I'm glad to hear that someone else is prune happy. I routinely give plants "aggressive" haircuts that make my husband gasp in horror. Thankfully - I've not lost one plant to the hacking yet.

    That lemon balm looks beautiful - reminds me to plant some potted mint. It's so pretty and tolerant of my shears.

  7. Okay Susan..Now, be a nice little lady & put the scissors

  8. Do you think you may have a future in Plant Cosmetology? ;)

  9. hi, i'm so excited to share with you the bounty of our compost garden. the condition of the soil here in northern calif was not ideal--clay and dry. but compost conditioned it and now we actually have a harvest!

    good luck with your farm!

  10. Susan - Hope you're not running with those scissors - LOL - Tina

  11. Hi Anonymous,
    Garlic! Congratulations on your harvest. While I've been growing and storing garlic for years (both to plant the following fall and to use throughout the winter), I've never researched the "proper" way to store it.

    I do know that it is best NOT to separate the cloves, especially if they are all tightly closed up. And don't peel off the protective layer, even if there is only a little of it.

    I finally learned this year that humidity is the enemy of garlic--and I know for a fact that is very true. Storing garlic in our incredibly humid house in summer is practically impossible.

    After I read your question I did some quick online research. While I hope to write an actual post about storing garlic, who knows if I'll ever get around to it, so I wanted to let you (and any others with garlic harvests) know that most sources seem to say the exact same thing: Store your garlic in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place. Some mentioned keeping even conditions of heat and humidity. There was talk of storing it in the refrigerator (but I would think that is a humid environment). Basements were mentioned as well, but again, aren't they usually on the damp side?

    We have a root cellar, and it is definitely damp in there. Plus it has bugs and mice and things--although theoretically the bugs should leave the garlic alone. And the mice around here seem to be fixated on eating all forms of my chocolate (and sugar straight out of the bag).

    Like I said, I hope to write more about this in a post that can be easily accessed and referred to in the future, but I still have more research to do.

    In the meantime, does anybody have any advice regarding storing garlic? Thanks!

    Hi Mo,
    Ha ha, now I'm ROFL! Thanks.

    Hi Prairie Chick,
    I love it! Yes! I need a Farmette Beauty Shop! Wait 'til Joe hears this. : )

    Hi Anonymous,
    So glad you are enjoying my Blueberry Breakfast Bars. This recipe has been really popular.

    I bought some fresh peaches and have been meaning to try making some bars with blueberries and peaches, but I'd better hurry because the peaches are almost gone!

    Thanks very much for taking the time to write. I really appreciate it. Oh, and as long as you stash some blueberries in the freezer, you can definitely make them all year 'round for your grandson! : )

    Hi Steven,
    I was thrilled when I finally came up with something to plant in that stump (that looked good and didn't die on me). The mint did jump out of its house (as mint is wont to do), but hasn't taken over the yard or anything. Yet.

    Come here, my pretty. You look like you could use a haircut. . .

    Hi Finny Knits,
    Oooh, I like the word "aggressive" to describe our pruning methods. And isn't it in the marriage vows that a wife must occasionally make her husband gasp in horror?

    Hi Celeste,

    Hi Hanna,
    Come to think of it, I always have had a strange fascination with those giant topiaries shaped like animals. Maybe I missed my calling. I should be working at Disney World. I bet you get to use big shears, too!

    Hi Minotte,
    Congratulations on your garden success! Thanks for sharing.

    Hi Tina,
    Me run with scissors? Of course not--that's dangerous. I walk slowly from one victim to the next.

  12. Holy moley, I think the verbena definitely forgave you for shearing it. Beautiful!

  13. Hey Susan,
    To your question on storing garlic; While I don't grow my own (yet), I do buy about 2 bulbs of it at a time, and DO store them in the back of my fridge! I keep the cloves intact though, and DO NOT put them in a plastic bag-I merely keep them placed in a small bowl...With a box of Baking Soda (odor absorber) right next to


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