Saturday, August 19, 2006

What's Growin' On: 8/19/06

Showing Off My Handywork

Less Than Two Weeks Later

Realization Of The Day:
By 8:00 this morning, even the weeds were already wilting. But record breaking temperatures and barely a drop of rain for weeks can't keep the garden mint from growing back. Brown thumbs--meet your new best friend!

Realization #2:
It's way too hot to write coherent sentences about gardening.

Realization #3:
I have lots of nice white laundry on the line (that's been dry since 10 minutes after I hung it up yesterday), the thunder is rumbling so loudly it's practically shaking The Shack--and it is totally sunny outside. Something is seriously wrong here.


  1. I hope you did get some rain, but no more storms for you!!

  2. I'd gladly send you my rain, it's making all my cherry tomatoes split!

    The mint thing reminds me of the time my Mom decided to et rid of mint that had gone wild in her yard by rototilling it.. Mint everywhere!LOL!

  3. I know hanging clothes out on the line has worked in the past for you, but how about a rain dance? It just might work, it has for us!

  4. steven thats a classic story. I'm becoming a bit of a mint obsessive - I really like some of the weirder varieties like chocolate et al and am playing with naturalising them where they can run around without causing any harm. Nothing beats walking through a nice carpet of mint for summer smells.


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