Saturday, April 15, 2006

What's Growin' On: 4/15/06

Realization Of The Day:
Sitting inside one's greenhouse during a rainstorm has a wonderfully soothing effect - even if it does mean that all of your big transplanting plans for the day have been scrapped. And the once dry laundry on the clothesline is now soaked. That's okay. Just focus on the lulling sounds of the raindrops washing all those little thoughts away. And besides, we really need the rain.


  1. Oh my!! I'm trying not to turn pea green with envy. OK, I just took the envy and turned it into happiness that you have a greenhouse. Hey, it works! :):):)

  2. Oooh... I'd never leave that wonderful greenhouse you have! I enjoyed being in our barn/garden shed when the rain came through today. It was nice, but could be just a bit warmer. That tree stump or log looks like a great place for mint.

  3. I miss sleeping in a house with a tin roof during a gentle rain. If I ever move back to the country, it will be a tin roof for me. I'm with you, as much as I got done today, I would have preferred rain. I have emptied all four of my rain barrels.

  4. I just found your site and am mightily impressed! Beautiful pictures, great recipes and thoughtful writing. I'm happy to have found you.

    Happy Easter.


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