Thursday, April 13, 2006

What's Growin' On: 4/13/06

Outside The Garden Gate The Forest Is In Bloom

Realization Of The Day:
I totally forgot to thin the lettuce plot and make a salad last night. *shakes head in disbelief*(Note to self: Waiting until the very last second to harvest your bounty so that it is at its absolute freshest is not only snobbish, but also often results in no bounty. The more humble gardener gets the goods.)

--Just plucked the tiniest heart rock yet (1/2 inch high) out of the onion plot. It is darling.
--The Dark Lollo Rossa lettuce seeds interplanted in the onion plot have sprouted.
--The echinacea in the flower bed came up while I wasn't paying attention. There appears to be much more of it than last year. It is beautiful and I love it (and it attracts so many pollinators to the garden), but it is crowding out all of the other plants. Hmmmm. It does, however, require no maintenance and is extremely hardy. And that is good. It is obviously happy here. Decision made. It stays.
--The echinacea has jumped stone bed barrier and moved into grass (make mental note to point this out to overenthusiastic Lawnmower Man) .
--Record breaking temps yesterday. Record was 82F, now 84F (though I saw 88F in the shade on our thermometer).


  1. The echinaecea I started from seed two years ago is almost out of control now. I'm at a decision point myself. Do I move the seedlings into the parts of the yard that I have plans for next year, or is that just postponing the problem and making it worse? I love it too!

  2. Test by

  3. (I am really enjoying this blog...thanks for putting it up)-

    I left an echinacea that seeded itself at the base of one of by blueberry, I cannot remove it there it stays!

  4. Oh! My Lollo Rossa have started shoot up! The arugula is really out of contril though....


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