Sunday, March 20, 2011

Garden Journal 3/20/11: Spring Has Sprung!

Lilacs! (see them in all their sweet scented glory here)

Five more photos after the jump. . .

Hello, chives (growing tips and how to make herbed yogurt cheese here)

Greek Oregano (wonderful in homemade Italian sausage; read about growing it here)

Sedum Autumn Joy (I love this easy to grow perennial; see it flowering here)

Spring green garlic (I'm crazy about this stuff; read all about it, plus my easy Green Garlic Fettuccine recipe here)

Daffodil delight ! (lots more photos of these cheerful blooms here)

Happy, happy. Grow, grow.

So what's going on in your spring garden?


  1. Yaay! I haven't seen much in my garden yet, but I did notice that the forsythias were getting some buds!

  2. A few daffodils here and there. Other folks have Forsythia. Even saw a very early flowering fruit tree in full bloom yesterday. (New Jersey, a short distance east of Phila.)

  3. You're so lucky! I'm so jealous! It's snowing in NY right now. Big wet flakes. The tips of my daffodils are just beginning to peek out, but we have been seeing some interesting migrating ducks in our pond. That's the extent of spring around here.

  4. Oh, glorious Spring. But, we are still having cold rain. I can see my beautiful daffodils from my windows, though, and have already cut chives which grow near the back door. Dash out, dash back. Forecast for yet more rain here, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for April.

  5. Isn't spring wonderful! I'm so joyed when I start to see new growth from my old friends. I noticed that my grapevines are starting to leaf out this week.

    Thanks for the great pictures and tips, you've got a great blog.


  6. Hi Susan,

    Happy Spring!! I noticed my some asparagus spears poking through the dirt in my garden yesterday. Yipee, Spring is definitely here!


  7. Spring? What? There's snow covering the crocuses and it's supposed to be 18 degrees tonight. BOO.


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