Saturday, December 25, 2010

Garden Photo Journal 12/25/10: On the White Side

White Christmas Garden 1

White Christmas Garden 2

White Christmas Garden 3

White Christmas Garden 4

White Christmas Garden 5

White Christmas Garden 6

White Christmas Garden 7
It definitely looks a lot like Christmas!

Wishing you peace, joy, and just enough snow this holiday season.


  1. It's looking the same here! I'm just glad I'm not the only one who never seems to get everything cleaned up before it sneaks up on me! I did manage to pull up a shovel and pick fork out of the frozen tundra this morning. Here's to Spring!!!!

  2. I'm looking for snow!! We only got flurries.

  3. Wow. So freakin amazing how time completely stops in a garden :) It does not snow where I am in California, but my garden is in a similar state of Siberia. What are the first things you will sprout this year...?

  4. I'm a new reader and very much enjoy your posts, recipes and photos. You're living my dream.
    I'm in Ohio and after an unusually cold and snowy December we had a couple of 50 degree days for New Years. I went back to my garden that had been neglected due to an injury and the unexpected cold and two feet of snow and got a happy surprise. I was able to harvest a peck of beets with greens, swiss chard, an 18 qt storage tub of collards, a small basket of brussels sprouts, half a dozen red onions and a giant kohlrabi. And I was able to rescue a lemon thyme, two pots of parsley and a giant rosemary plant. The top of the rosemary is 'freeze dried' but the bottom half is green and lush and I'm just so pleased. I've put up collards in December before but never after a week of temps in the teens/single digits and the fact that some swiss chard and the beet greens survived just made my day.
    I used your recipe for the sprouts and they were wonderful.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your adventures. I'm not big on blogs but yours is an absolute delight.

  5. I love the snow covered watercans. Perfect picture.


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