Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Garden Journal 12/1/09: Brrrr!

Volunteer Arugula that Didn't Make it Under Cover Last Night

Time to Put the Strawberry Patch to Bed for the Winter

Very Cold Kale (which is fortunately very cold tolerant)

Realization of the Day:
Something tells me it somehow really is the first of December.

It was 20 degrees outside this morning. There's snow predicted for tomorrow. During the past few weeks I've looked up to see hundreds of honking geese desperately flapping their way south (being on the migratory flight path is one of the neatest things about living here).

Winter is definitely on the way—and I still haven't planted my garlic!

So what color is your garden these days? Green, brown, white?

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  1. We had frost a few days ago, and I have not yet made time to go check during daylight hours to see whether the newly planted kale survived.

    No doubt the snap peas are STILL producing like mad. I think it will take actual snow to stop them.

  2. beautiful photos! Out in San Francisco, the garden is still green, if a little wet.

  3. All three, plus some red and pink thanks to the multi-colored chard that is much more cold-resistant that I thought. Should be interesting to see how long the collards make it this year. I'm shooting for the new year.

  4. Mine has been brown for a while - but I'm quite a bit farther north than you are!

  5. I know the frosty foliage should bring a feeling of sadness but I always think it looks rather pretty. I love the way the light hits it before the sun has melted it away. Here the garden is still green and the weeds are still growing.

  6. It was brown, but then jack frost came along and made it an amazing sparkly white. Had to scrape the windows of my car this morning... first time ever! It was invigorating and annoying at the same time.

  7. Hi Susan, I have been a long-time lurker and wanted to finally check in and say how much I enjoy both of your blogs. I'm from Australia where the heat in the garden is just dialing up for summer so it's strange to think of you shivering under the frost. I was very sorry to hear about the death of your little donkey. Best, Suzanne

  8. My (very, very small) garden has been brown for a while, except for one lonely rosemary plant in a sheltered location. I actually picked some and used it on Dec. 1 - pretty cool considering I live in Canada!

  9. Here in So Cal my garden is still green. Most productive at the moment are arugula, kale, chard and, of course, radishes. I'm down to one tomato plant which still dribbles out a few Sungold cherries - over 1000 since June from that one plant.

  10. I love the blog. I'm in south Florida and, though it's been cooler than usual (70s-80s) for this time of year, we're planting right now.

  11. Green. Tonight there may be a freeze in Bakersfield, CA.

  12. I didn't plant my garlic yet either. :)

  13. Here in Austin, TX we've even had some cold. and of course THIS is the year i was trying to perennialize some hot pepper plants. My garden is mostly still green, but those 'summer things that just kept holding on despite the realization that it's winter' have finally turned brown.

    Here's my cold kale:

  14. My garlic hasn't made it to the ground, either.

  15. My garden was really brown yesterday and suddenly became white this night :)

    Kind regards from Poland!

  16. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the comments. It's always so fun to hear what's going on in other gardens around the world.

    It's also nice to know I'm not the only one who is (now way) behind with my garlic planting!

    Hi Suzanne,
    We love delurkers! :)


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