Saturday, February 14, 2009

You Know I Love to Use Sheep Manure in the Garden. . .

But this is a little ridiculous.

Happy Valentine's Day! So what things do love growing in your garden the most? You can read more about using sheep manure as an organic fertilizer in the garden here.

© Copyright 2009, the garden loving foodie farm blog where most of the hearts I find around the farm are
made out of rock, but this one that flung itself into the haycart with the first pitchfork full of manure hay mucked from the barn has got to be the most memorable—and the funniest.


  1. I love my little tomatoes the best. All kinds and colors.

  2. I have to say I love growing Herbs the most..Beautiful, green, with lovely scents, especially Lavender...Of course I'm a bit limited, since my garden is only a windowsill..LOL! Apartments don't allow you too much room to grow things..As a child in San Francisco, I loved my grandmothers garden..Filled with kale,cucumbers,and a lemon tree !

  3. I love chiles. All kinds. Hot, medium, mild. Chiles for stuffing, chiles for frying, chiles for drying, chiles for sauce, chiles for salsa... :)

  4. Oh come on! This stuff only happens to you, why? Seriously, it's bad enough that you find heart shaped rocks but now poop? I give up.

  5. Many things. Tomatoes, chiles, eggplant, chard, spinach, mesclun, beets, carrots, garlic, squash, pumpkins...

    Love your new blog look! Love all those hearts!

  6. I love growing tomatoes (not entirely successful though) and I love growing basil, rosemary, tarragon - yup, I love herbs, too.

    Love the header on your Kitchen Garden site - beautiful! Can't wait for fresh green beans now.

  7. Love this heart "rock".

  8. I wish I could grow tomatoes, but since I can't I love the things that grow gangbusters, leeks, chard, spinach and tomatillos. Hoping for enough okra to pickle this year and some zucchini and cukes. We'll just cross our fingers and hope for the best.

  9. The heat loving veggies are a challenge to grow in our climate, so I love to try. I have finally found the eggplant that does best here. I save my tomato seeds each year, and they are beginning to acclimatize to their situation. I have a salad tomato that sets and ripens early. Peppers are okay if I leave them in the greenhouse longer than the rest. They don't mind living in pots for a long time. And, then there are the onions and......


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