Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Orange Yogurt Loaf Cake:
An Easy 4th of July Dessert Recipe

Take a Break and Have Some Cake!

Remember that orange yogurt cake I served up for breakfast alongside a pile of freshly picked strawberries from the garden a few weeks back?

Well I've been tinkering with the recipe and am now perfectly pleased with the results. This is the kind of easy cake recipe I love to have in my collection, and I know I'll be turning to it again and again. It mixes up quickly, stands up to being transported even on hot afternoons, and stays moist for several days. Like most baked goods it also freezes beautifully, and it can even be sliced while still frozen. Serve in bowls topped with fresh berries and ice cream or on napkins at picnics and potlucks.

You'll find the recipe in my post, Strawberries in the Garden & an Orange Yogurt Cake Recipe in the Kitchen, over on Farmgirl Fare, where it's already been receiving rave reviews. Enjoy!

Will goodies from the garden or farmers' market be part of your 4th of July celebration?

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  1. Love your blog(s)!! I made this cake a few weeks back for a friends birthday. We had gone strawberry picking the week before and this cake was AWESOME with some fresh strawberries and whipped cream over it. Thanks for such great recipes (I also like to make the emergency chocolate cake!)

  2. Radish greens? Seeing as radishes is about all I have that's harvestable. :)

    I suppose I should make something with cilantro - that's going well.

    Farmer's market is actually on Friday but I'm not sure if it's canceled because of the 4th. Good reminder to check... thanks.

  3. I can't wait to try this! I picked three squash from the garden and planning my own version of squash casserole. If it turns out well, I'll post on my site about it. :-)
    Blessings, and Happy 4th!

  4. I mean, you know I'll be making this cake, that's obvious. But those strawberries! WOW. They are so dark and juicy. I'm envious.

    I will be making eats from my garden and farm share for the 4th, but I daresay nothing as fabulous as this cake and its accompanying berries.

    I think I'm on the hook for a big green salad or something equally boring. I am so going to fix all their wagons and put apricots in there.

  5. Loved the cake and will make it again.

  6. Hi Susan. I wanted to e-mail you with some questions about how you get your lambs cut up when they're processed (we're taking one in soon), but couldn't get the e-mail link to work for me. Could you e-mail me, please, at Thanks!

  7. I ran across your blog the other day and tried out the recipe for fresh raspberries and blueberries out of my garden. It was fabulous! Thank you!

  8. That just sounds wonderful! I very often get the 'urge' to bake late at night. Your recipe is now spinning round my head!

  9. This looks fantastic!

    Gotta do it. Thanks!

  10. Um... your bread looks a heck of a lot better than mine. Just posted on some strawberry bread. I'll have to take a closer look at your recipe!

  11. Looks delicious. I'll be sure to try it this week!

  12. That look so good. I wish I wasn't on a diet. With 80 pounds to lose I can't even think about it. LOL! Anyone who makes it, have a bite for me.

  13. Wow....that looks really delicious!


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