Saturday, May 31, 2008

Garden Journal Entry 5/31/08: Seasonal Strawberry Eating At Its Sweetest & Juiciest Best!

Orange Yogurt Pound Cake with Freshly Picked Strawberries & Mint

Realization of the Day:
Sometimes you just need to have a slab of cake for breakfast - with a big side of strawberries.

This morning I trudged back to The Shack from the front field, sweat-soaked and starving after wrestling with portable electric sheep fencing for an hour under the hot sun, and promptly treated myself to this plate of ruby red heaven. Oh, and there was a large scoop of creamy French vanilla ice cream involved, too.

Now it's back out to the field and the fencing - then hopefully the garden!

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  1. Thank God I'm not the only one who eats dessert for breakfast. Good luck with the fencing--that is possibly my least favorite job having to do with the sheep. Except maybe shearing them.

  2. I am so jealous of your berries! (and the color coordinated colander!)

  3. I've been known to have cake for breakfast (lunch, snacks, dinner, etc) too. Nothing wrong with cake... especially since you added strawberries.

  4. The changes to your recent posts are subtle, but MUCH appreciated and MUCH loved. Thanks for the motivation.

  5. Hey, there is nothing wrong with fruit and dairy for breakfast. And since they were home grown berries you get extra bonus points.

  6. I love cake for breakfast...and add strawberries like yours..oh, my!!!

  7. one isn't supposed to have cake
    for breakfast???

    do you mind sharing the recipe for
    the cake?

  8. Hi Kristin,
    I've been eating dessert for breakfast since I was a kid and my mom would sometimes let us have homemade apple pie for breakfast - mainly because she couldn't figure out else she could get away with having it for breakfast herself!

    We just started using this portable electric net fencing as a deterrent against the coyotes that have been killing our sheep and so far it has been a really big pain. But, despite numerous lambs sneaking underneath it every day (along with some other problems), we at least haven't lost any more sheep to the coyotes. *fingers crossed*

    Hi km,
    Oh, you know you're jealous of the cake, too. ; ) I love my new red colander! It's from the Martha Stewart collection at Macy's. The other day they were having a big online sale, and, well, a gardening girl can never have too many colanders, right? Actually I'm already using them (uh, yeah, I bought a few more than one, LOL) all the time. They're nice and hefty - and of course so pleasing to look at!

    Hi Katherine,
    I figured the fruit saved me - not that I was really worried about it. I don't understand people who never have cake for breakfast! : )

    Hi Suburbanbrunette,
    So glad you're enjoying them. And I really appreciate your taking the time to let me know. : )

    Hi CJ,
    Hee hee, too bad I didn't make the ice cream myself. ; )

    Hi Beverly
    Yeah, it was really more like strawberries with a side of cake. Oh, those berries are good this year!

    Hi Anon,
    Of course you're supposed to have cake for breakfast! Just not every day. Some days you need to have pie. ; )

    As for the cake recipe, I was going to make it again and tweak it a little bit before posting it, but the first try did come out quite tasty. It's very slightly adapted from this recipe on Pinch My Salt. I only used 1/2 cup butter (next time I'll use more) and added 1 teaspoon of vanilla. I put on extra glaze, too, though I might try it with granulated sugar rather than powdered sugar next time.

    I highly recommend making it at least 24 hours before you plan to serve it. It really tasted a lot nicer after sitting for a while. Happy baking!

  9. Hey, apple pie is totally legit, historically speaking, as a breakfast food on a farm. My husband's grandfather remembered having apple pie at every single meal when he was boy here on an upstate New York farm. Sometimes they eat it with sharp cheddar melted on top, which sounds a little odd, but tastes SO good.

    Ooo, you have the fancy net fence, huh? Jealous. We just have wire electric fencing, and the sheep definitely don't fear it like the dogs do. Must be all the insulating extra wool . . .

  10. I love the farm diet! Dessert for breakfast. Salad for breakfast. Chips and champagne for lunch. A basket of beets for dinner. And you never get fat because of all the frantic running around you do all day.

    I also had a strawberry dessert for breakfast yesterday - first Fresh Strawberry Pie of the season - and it was FABULOUS.

    No big Farm Chores to do afterward, so I bet I'll be seeing that pie on my hips eventually, but I hardly care. SO GOOD.

  11. Glad you're posting again! =)


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