Thursday, February 14, 2008

Garden Journal Entry: I Heart Sheep Manure

And I Found This Rock In The Barnyard To Prove It

Happy Valentine's Day!

Several years ago I started collecting heart shaped rocks I found around the farm, and I now have over 200 of them. I think of them as little signs - and sometimes their meaning is quite obvious.

So what do you love about gardening?

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  1. the smell of freshly-turned soil in the spring ... my compost boxes doing their magic ... watching the wonder on my son's face as the pole beans climb to the sky ... eating the pole beans! .... the promise of green ....

  2. It was 50+ degrees a few days ago, and I was out in the yard looking at all the little green things poking thru the inch of snow. I love watching things grow.

  3. I have a lot of favorite things, but right now I love seed catalogs, because they let me imagine myself into the spring and the garden.
    And my snowdrops, which are bravely in bloom.

  4. I may be weird, but I have always loved the smell of a sprinkling rain on fresh dirt.
    I love seeing the plants as they uncurl from the ground.

  5. not weird, beverly, me too!

    (ok, so maybe we're both weird, lol)

    yes, its the smell of the earth and the magic moment when a little seedling pops through full of promise for the year to come

    and then enjoying cut flowers (I love sweet peas) in the kitchen while to you lovingly cook and eat your homegrown veg and herbs :-)

    gardening surely is an act of love, and its definitely a 2 way street!

  6. Where are you located in Missouri actually?

  7. I love the taste of something that has just been picked! My Mother used to say that you have to eat them 'still squealing' !!

  8. Weeding. And pruning. And tweaking my beds and plantings. I think it's the writer in me--I love editing, too!

    Of course, I also love cooking with things that it only takes a few steps to procure. Homemade pesto! Steamed fresh green beans. Yum.

  9. I am looking forward to my spring seed catalogues this year. Too many choises.

  10. just being outside i love it, the sun and the air and the quiet and the ever present hope that the garden gives, no matter what's going on it's waiting for something to be done and it's evolving. The garden gives back so much to me, the veggies are icing on the cake

  11. The surprise, bamboo in the spring, color, sprouting from the ground every day! Plants that survive the winter and almost enjoy it. The preserverance of nature, that what I love.


  12. Hi Everybody!
    Thanks for all your great comments. There are so many things to love about gardening, and this shared and deeply personal collection is really wonderful - and inspiring! It's definitely the perfect thing to read in the middle of winter while snowed in. Wishing you all a bountiful and satisfying year in your garden. Thanks again.

  13. Hi Heirloomstress,
    I'm in the southern half of Missouri. For privacy reasons, that's all I divulge. : )

  14. gardening provides me with more of a sense of being part of the world we share with other humans and animals than anything else.

    I love to watch the joy of nature reflected in the plants I grow and those that grow wild , the color that nature via flowers and birds far surpasses anything man can do

    Steve From
    The Power Gardeners Guide

  15. This time of year I love that planning my garden gives me something to do in boring meetings, when sketching option after option for the placement of tomatoes, pole beans, radishes and more gives me the look of industriousness and not zoned-outedness.


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