Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What's Growin' On: 10/25/06

Realization Of The Day:
At this time of year, even the little weeds look pretty. This is one of the varieties of lettuce I direct seeded into a mini greenhouse raised bed back on August 30th.

Realization #2:
I just figured out what variety it is!

I read over the list I'd made of the different lettuce seeds I started in that bed and couldn't find one that sounded anything like this. For some reason (even though it's right there in my 2006 Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog) I didn't include the description in my list. So it's Gentilina: "Lovely, bright green, frizzled, leafy heads that are very ruffled. Good resistance to bolting. Tender leaves are first rate in salads; an extra fine Italian variety."

And there's the reason I'm sure I ordered it--that "good resistance to bolting" you know I can't resist. Though the words "frizzled" and "ruffled" probably would have won me over on their own. The tender leaves are indeed first rate in salads, and I have been enjoying them for several weeks now. Of course hot weather and bolting aren't going to be a worry for this crop--just the opposite. So far so good. This lettuce and the other varieties that sprouted along with it have survived several 21 degree nights with minimal protection, though I did officially "set up" the mini greenhouse the other night.

I'll write more about my Gardening On The Cheap methods for extending the harvest in my next post--which should be up soon. And don't think this site will be hibernating for the winter. No way. I have too much backlogged information from spring and summer to share--as well as lots of photos and a few more of my Less Fuss, More Flavor recipes. And of course there is something going on in the garden and greenhouse every day of the year--even if it is just protecting plants or snapping snow photos.

Today it's rainy and cold, though, so I'll be tucked inside the house for much of the day, soaking up the cozy warmth. The woodstove in the living room is crackling merrily, and my wooden dough bowl is perched right next to it, full to the brim with rising dough for a new bread I just invented. Wood heat, warm bread, wonderfully rainy weather. Oh, how I do love autumn!


  1. Oh for the love! You're killing me here!

    I imagine that you were once sitting behind a desk in NorcCal, goosebumps all over your arms from the overactive A/C, thinking about moving to a farm somewhere and doing exactly what you're doing at this moment. And if you never did that, then just let me believe it, because the vision is simply sweet.

    Enjoy the woodstove, fresh bread and autumn season!

  2. In regards to those weeds... is one of them chickweed? If so, I've heard it is a very nice addition to salads or soup and is very nutritious. I could probably tell if there was a close up of just the weed.. Looks beautiful by the way. I'm looking forward to those tips you were mentioning.

  3. LOL - I just finished weeding one of my lettuce patches, which looked just like that. I agree that the weeds look beautiful. The only reason I bothered is that I am going on a trip and didn't want the s.o. to be faced with something that looked like work. It would have been fine by me. :-)

  4. Your lettuce (and weeds! LOL) look wonderful!

    I meant to plant some cold frame lettuce this fall, but I haven't done it yet. Maybe after I clean up my perennial gardens today! :)

  5. i loved looking and reading


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