Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What's Growin' On: 3/22/06

22 Degrees F At 7:00am

Garlic Is Hardy, It Should Recover Just Fine

And Kohlrabi's Hardy, Too, Right?

Note to self: Just because the calendar says 'spring,' doesn't mean you should blow off covering up newly sprouted plants in the garden.


  1. We got nailed by a hard frost, too! Go figure. Which is why my kitchen is currently full of eggplant and tomato seedlings. Everything else could weather it in the greenhouse just fine, even though we have no heat source/water barrels/etc. in there whatsoever.

  2. Hi Jamie,
    I was just talking to Joe the other day about doing some kind of water barrel heat source thing in the greenhouse. When it gets really cold in the winter, I turn on the radiator type electric heater I'm now using in the greenhouse within a greenhouse (which we basically created so we wouldn't have to carry 150+ plants in and out of the house for the next week or two).

    What I really need to do is figure a way to make the ceiling shorter in the winter. At this point I end up clamping a tarp to both sides of the greenhouse, about three feet above the ground where the heater is to at least hold in some of the heat. Hey, whatever works, right?


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